Hello and welcome my blog. I am Alycia Moorman, Your Coif Rejuvenator. Master Cosmetologist

What?: This blog is dedicated to beauty and the brains in and around beauty.

Who?: Who is it for, the client, the professional, the parent. Whomever is in search of creating healthier hair---either in the salon, from behind the chair or at home.

When?: The goal is to post weekly!

Where?: Right here of course! Reminders will be announced via Instagram and Facebook

Why?: I've been a professional Master Cosmetologist since 1998, an healthy hair care enthusiast since 1992. Everyday I am asked for my professional opinion--whether it be in beauty or business. Oftentimes, it is information that the many would assume that "everyone knows".

It is my goal to empower the everyday individual in better hair care and the entrepreneur with professional advice. The busy professional woman who doesn't have time, the busy mom, the new mom, the traveling professional, the single mom, the single dad, the parent who has decided to adopt---this blog is for you. To the professional stylist--to give insight to what your clients are dealing with, what they are not sharing with you, the deep down and dirty.... This blog will also have information for the entrepreneur who is looking for assistance in this rollercoaster of a ride!

Are you ready!? Buckle up, your are in for a ride....


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