Osjale's Senior Year 16'-17'

Hello Everyone!!!  

I hope all is well and that you’re blessed. Id love to share some exciting news with you!!

I am a participant in the 2016 Leadership Program and Debutante Cotillion 
“Beautiful Beginnings: Experiences in Excellence and Elegance” presented by the Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Chapter of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

All of the participants are young ladies who have demonstrated academic and moral excellence from the Atlanta Metropolitan Area.

Here is a quick summary of my academics and  activities: 
- current GPA is 3.9
- member of Beta Club, DECA Inc, 21st Century Leaders
- Vice-President of 11th grade Grady High School’s Student Government Association.  
- member of Young Life (a Christian Leadership organization)
- member of Grady High School’s Auxiliary Royal Elegance
- member of the Youth Ensemble of Atlanta (a premier theatre group in Atlanta)
- as well as serve with the youth check-in on Sunday mornings.

The primary objective of the cotillion is to enlighten and empower debutantes in structured, holistic activities to enhance and acquire leadership, social graces and life skills.  Our mentors encourage us to foster healthy environments that are social and build competent, confident young women that blossom into competent, confident adult women.  We will culminate our year of activities and workshops on Saturday, December 17, 2016 at our Debutante Cotillion. 

I look forward to this occasion and hope to see you there as well.

Like many ventures there is a financial obligation.  I humbly request of you, my family and friends, for support.  A large portion of funds raised will go to support scholarship opportunities and the Center for Human and Civil Rights here in Atlanta, GA.

There are several ways for you to contribute and support me and the GMAC Debutante Cotillion:

1. Continue to keep me, my family, and fellow debutantes in prayer.

2. Make a donation today via GoFundMe, send check or money order to my mom or make deposit into Suntrust Account.

3. Become a sponsor of the event. See attached document or contact my mom

4. Place an ad in the Souvenir Ad Book -- Patron listing - $25 to a full page ad at $250. 

5. Attend the event - $100 per ticket — contact my mom ASAP

Thank you in advance for your support!!!


Osjale’ K Moorman


Souvenir Ad Information


All Ad sizes, except patron listings, may include a photograph. 

Business Card

Full Color: $50

Patron Listing: $25

Full Page 

Full Color: $250 

Half Page 

Full Color: $150 

Quarter Page 

Full Color: $75